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We offer a comprehensive strategy aimed at superior results.
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Search for target audience sources:
  • Industry Research
We explore your competitors and the industry of the market. We study your advantages in order to present them profitably. All information received is analyzed, interpreted. It forms the basis of your integrated strategy from the Qberry digital agency.

  • Research target audience
Examine your target audience in more details. We build Customer Journey Map for each segment of your target audience and product. We analyze the dynamics of consumer interest in the subject and the influence of external factors on it. This allows you to work on a specific goal and fully cover the sales funnel.

    Attraction of the target audience:
    • SEO
      We use data from market research and inquiry of the target audience to form a semantic core. We promote the site at the top of search results. As a result: the performance-marketing agency helps to increase the flow of potential customers, improve awareness about brand name in the network, and significantly expand coverage.
    • Contextual advertising
      We increase the inflow of the target audience to the site. We work with accurate targeting on your audience, minimum cost per click and maximum conversion to targeted actions. We provide right and profitable placement of ads for you. We own all types of postings.
    • RTB
      We show ads only to the target audience using RTB technology - the purchase of ads on partner sites through programmable online auctions. Successfully combine it with other methods to attract customers to achieve your goals.
    • Social Network Targeting
      We show ads on social networks, increasing user coverage and increasing your brand awareness. We have extensive experience with sites - FaceBook and Instagram. We use the advantages of the channel to achieve a synergistic effect within the framework of the performance solution.
    • Video advertising
      We build a strategy for working with video. We use YouTube to attract customers. We promote your video channel and individual videos, attract additional "hot" traffic to the site, increase brand awareness.
    Increase loyalty and conversion:
    • Web-analytics
      We thoroughly examine each digital channel and its role at different stages of the sales funnel in order to increase the effectiveness of the campaign and turn more users into your customers. Constantly improving the project to achieve maximum outputs faster.
    • Content-marketing
      For each project we form a personal content strategy. We make interesting thematic content that stimulates the user to pay attention to your brand. We provide a presence at the most important industry sites.
    • Usability improvements
      We use web analytics to prepare recommendations on usability improvements of your site. We implement them with the help of "Qberry" web support or fully control how client-side refinement is implemented. We achieve the predicted result of the increase in conversion.
    • SERM + SMM
      We form a positive reputation of the company in search engines results and social media. We neutralize the negative impact, form a reputation from scratch, increase the share of positive reviews about the brand. Users become your customers faster because they see only good mentions about you.

    Visitor retention:
    • Widgets
      We install on the site any widgets neсessary to quickly achieve your goals: a callback order form, online consultations, social buttons and integrate into the site analytics system. We know all the methods of engaging and retaining users, and we use them to achieve your goals.
    • Promotions and bonuses
      We create a system of user motivation to achieve your goals: promotions, special offers, bonus programs. The implementation is completely on us: from the concept and prediction of the result to the evaluation of effectiveness.

    Returning visitors:
    • Remarketing
      We continue to communicate with the user even after committing the target action or leaving the site. We develop a campaign, create remarketing lists, prepare ads and evaluate the result. We use dynamic and classic remarketing. Increase ROI, increase LTV (Customer Life Cycle).
    • Email-marketing
      We build communication with potential and existing customers through email-marketing. We provide a full range of work: from the selection of a platform and audience segmentation to the preparation of letters and performance evaluation.
    • SMS and messengers mailings
      We connect SMS and Viber mailings to keep and return your customers. We formulate a communication strategy taking into account your goals, identify the needs of the target audience, prepare the content. We control the effectiveness.

    As part of a comprehensive strategy, the entire expertise of Qberry digital agency will serve your goals.
    Performance-marketing is:
      Impeccable marketing strategy.
      In a single service, you get a whole range of channels, each of which will work perfectly to achieve your goal.
      Transparency and full control.
      We control each stage of the life cycle of your customers. Your continuously improve the process and increase the return on each channel. We report in detail in the context of your goal: you understand exactly what you are paying for.
      Your personal team of experts.
      Digital agency forms a team of experts: strategist, SEO specialists, web analyst, paid channel specialists, SMM, content marketing. They all work together to make performance marketing your specific goals.
      Cost: from $ 500 / month.
      The cost of the Performance services is calculated individually based on the amount of time spent by specialists on the implementation of tasks to achieve the goals of your business.